Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm doing a comic strip and I need to know...?

How to draw hugely obese kids. The main characters eat a pasty filled with an Obesity poison and I need to draw the kids really fat. They need to look quite realistic...not just round balls with a face on them! please help! if you can...Don%26#039;t giev the obvious answer by saying, look at some kids or pics on google...give me a site I can use to help...thanks if you answer!
I%26#039;m doing a comic strip and I need to know...?

you can get much information in this website, If you will check anyone blue link in website.
I%26#039;m doing a comic strip and I need to know...?
Be honest now. You have a mean older sister and she thinks she is over weight?

Soon enough she will move out and you can have her room all to yourself

Anyone know a DVD player which has option to view video in mirror aspect ie back to front?

To clarify; I am trying to learn a choreography from a didactic dance video but the dance is taught face on.However, it is easier to follow copy movements when you are directly behind the instructor - this way it is less confusing to know which left and right limb should be moved - when the instructor faces you you have to conciously decide which body side %26amp; direstion is which.

Is there DVD player software that has the option to view film %26quot;in mirror%26quot;, as still graphic/photo editor programmes have?

I woud be so grateful for any suggestions as I have only 2 weeks to prepare this dance!!!

Does anyone know the names of the mask under quest field? they're hanging in the walls near the ceiling. Seatl

its in seattle near the ticket entrences in quest field. The masks are metal and some are yellow and some grey.

Do you know some one who's an "art director?"?

What degrees do you need to be an Advertising art director?!?!? well in order to get a good position, what degree would help me the most???

Help please! some one that know about this and about how much their salary is for a person that is just new in the field...?
Do you know some one who%26#039;s an %26quot;art director?%26quot;?
yeah my brother
Do you know some one who%26#039;s an %26quot;art director?%26quot;?
In my experience, an AD is something that you work up to. Start out as a productuion artist, move to graphic designer, senior designers, then art director or creative director. Its sort of a managerial position, so its not likely you get to be that right out of school.

Now, you can be an AD by project... that just means your in charge. Like at a photo shoot or something.

Education would be something in Visual Arts. I have a Bachelor%26#039;s of Fine Arts majoring in Graphic Design with minors in Drawing and Communications Media. To be an AD, I%26#039;d have to earn it with work experience or get my Master%26#039;s Degree (MFA).
Reply:Nothing to do with degrees. I am an art director and experience will outweigh your diplomas. A good eye, creativity, imagination, sense of color is what I look for.

Even if the pics are black and white, I will base my criterias on that and I don%26#039; t need any diplomas to choose who to hire.

Graphic Artist / Designer range from 500 to 1500 weekly and even $2000 weekly.

Would you watch this video?

ok its a preview for my next video, tell me if you would look forward to the next video. thanks
Would you watch this video?
where is the link?
Would you watch this video?
ah hello, there%26#039;s no link
Reply:where%26#039;s the video? what%26#039;s it called?is it on youtube?
Reply:Hi ,

Well , I got the link %26amp; i`ve watched the video .....

By the way it was good .....Hulk vs Abomination ...

Itz comin on summer 08 ....%26amp; etc..

ha ....itz nice ,...... I watched 2 more ...

But the video sounded a little goofy to me ..somehow

it didn`t contain alot of sense u know a cardboard background then it sayz %26quot; Hulk vs Abomination %26quot; ....

But still thankz dude .........%26amp; the music was rockin type off so it sounded cool to me .......But i`ll watch the movie then i will tell u more about it ....maybe the movie won`t be goofy ,

Hope it`ll be good %26amp; thankz once again !!!
Reply:No. The animation is too choppy and the sound is just a song.

Has anyone used Lastolite Collapsible Backgrounds, How was it?

I am a beginer to photography and want to get a Collapsible background, is this a good quailty product?
Has anyone used Lastolite Collapsible Backgrounds, How was it?
Yes, I have used them and they worked great. I haven%26#039;t had any problems with mine. I also have a few of their bottletop diffuser/reflectors and they are convenient.

Hey..i wanna do modelling..but how?plz suggest me..?

is there any modelling colleges in mumbai?any age limit or some other requirements.....its urgent
Hey..i wanna do modelling..but how?plz suggest me..?
Go to Germany. There is a reality TV serial named %26quot;The next super model%26quot;.